Cloud Service Integrator Provider

Enabling customers to develop, execute and govern integration flows


Connect data without coding

With our iPaaS platform, user can develop integration flows that connect applications and data residing in the cloud or on-premises. All without installing or managing any hardware or middleware.

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Fast integration with your On-Premise systems

Thanks to the open-source sdk for most popular programming language, customers can integrate every on-premise solution with any cloud services.github_dataslang_half

Download Sdk

# Try our API. Copy & run this in your terminal.
curl -s --user 'api:key-3ax6xnjp29jd6fds4gc373sgvjxteol0'
    -F xml='C:Usersuserxml_file.xml' 
    -F xsd='C:Usersuserxsd_file.xsd' 
    -F response-type='txt'				

// Composer autoload
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use DataslangDataslangApi;

// Create Api object
$api = new DataslangApi();

// Validation example
$xml = 'C:Usersuserxml_file.xml';
$xsd = 'C:Usersuserxsd_file.xsd';

$result = $api->validate($xml, $xsd);

echo $result;

import com.dataslang.javaClient;

public class DataslangApi {

	private JavaClient client = null;

	public DataslangApi() {
		this.client = new JavaClient();
	public void validate(String xml, String xsd){
		return this.client.validate(xml, xsd);

Coming soon...
Our e-invoice exchange and translation service

Real Life Example

With Dataslang, you can quickly and easily automate your invoicing process, saving time, money, and duplicate or manual effort. Like any other B2B processes, electronic invoices can be automatically integrated into buyer or seller systems, regardless of the communication protocols or file formats your vendors, partners, suppliers, or distributors use. Whether you are sending or receiving invoices, you’ll be leveraging a solution that not only suits your business needs but also respects the choices of your business partners. 
In addition to supporting many e-invoice standards, Dataslang allows you to send and/or receive e-invoices, with or without electronic signatures, and to manage their format conversion for easy integration with your existing invoice management application.


Service Features

Web Service

Our platform is highly automated and includes reliable compute resources, storage and networking capabilities hosted on the Google Cloud platform. User can access our services globally through a simple RESTful API.

On-Premise Integration

Open source SDK, for most popular programming languages. Hosted on GitHub and ready to be deployed on your infrastructure.

Business standard

We support the most common B2B information standards, from EDI to XML.





Subscription model pricing with a simple 'pay as you go' plan.

Data Platform as a Service

Our dPaaS service delivers cloud-based integration as a fully managed service. Under the dPaaS model we (and  not the customer) manages the development and execution of integrations. Our staff is always available to develop with you, the best integration that your business needs.


We support the Oauth2 standard and SSL communications. 
Users retain transparency and control over data through logs and analytic tools.

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